The Puppetry Development Consortium is a think-tank and networking resource for professionals working in puppetry in England. It was set up in response to the initiative ‘Working Together to Strengthen Puppetry’, which was funded by ACE through the Puppet Centre. Although the PDC‘s administration and co-ordination are carried out by the Puppet Centre, it is an independent group and has its own specific aims. The Consortium includes companies, venues and individual puppeteers/directors/designers and invitations have also been extended to membership organisations.

Membership of the PDC originated in a small steering group of individuals. They were able to come together to meet a number of times before the current funding began as they were in salaried positions in key venues or areas. These initial members of the Consortium expressed a desire to invite members who might be well placed to reflect the regions and different activities of the puppetry community as a whole. Subsequent invitations have reflected this wish. Non-members will be invited to attend meetings to widen the input into discussions.

It’s the ambition of the Consortium to discuss issues of concern and interest to the sector, and to propose ideas or initiatives that might be of benefit to all of the community, not limited to those inside the room. The Consortium has received a small amount of funding to facilitate its first year of meetings but is not in receipt of sufficient funds to execute initiatives. It hopes to work in partnership with existing puppetry organisations, companies and individuals to harness a co-ordinated approach to improving life for puppeteers.